Expoxy Rebar Grouting by Hilti Chemicals:

Epoxy Rebar Grouting is ideally done where there is a requirement of extension in the current RCC structure. We also carry out grouting in dry or wet conditions. Keeping the customers satisfaction in mind, our specialized engineers also provide technical feedback with regards to the depth of rebar, type of chemicals, etc.

As Divya Construction, we are the leading applicators of Hilti in Mumbai & one of the largest in India for Hilti Epoxy Rebar Grouting.


Drilling & Grouting of Rebar Capacity: 8mm – 40mm for the depth of 1.5 meters and more.

Rock Anchoring

Vertical Rock Anchoring is ideally done in the rock, to resist the uplift pressure due to high water table. It is also done to withstand the earthquake vibrations. Drilling in rock can be done with the help of Electrical Drilling Machines or Pneumatic Drillers depending upon the type of rock whether the same is Basalt, weathered etc.


Pullout Testing

We are engaged in offering Pullout Test to our most valued clients. Our services are widely appreciated and we offer these services as per our client's specific requirements. This is normally done to analyze the pullout load of rebar/anchors which is grouted.


Capacity: 8mm – 40mm up to 50 tons.