We are a Demolition Company specializing into contracting jobs of Concrete Diamond Cutting.

Diamond Cutting can be done with the help of wires and blades using various Hydraulic as well as Electric power packs. It is most widely used technology for controlled demolition worldwide. We used special diamond studded blades and wires for the application depending upon the grade of concrete, diameter of steel reinforcement, placement of reinforcement whether vertical or horizontal.

RCC Cutting by Wire Saw:

Wire Saw Machine is an adaptable means for cutting RCC where no other sawing method is feasible.

Specification: for depth more than 500mm.


RCC Cutting by Wall Saw:

Wall Sawing is a track-mounted machine, performed using circular diamond blades with the utmost fast pace to cut the RCC structures.

Specifications: up to the depth of 520mm or in some cases 720mm.


RCC Cutting by Floor Saw:

Floor Saw is essentially used to cut through rock-hard concrete horizontally.

Specifications: up to the depth of 300mm-500mm.


RCC Cutting by Hand Saw:

Hand Saw is compact and a handy diamond cutting machine used for small openings in RCC. It is driven by a strong motor to cut RCC and is manually operated.